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The Ten Crucial Days were ten days at the end of December 1776 and the first week of January 1777, where several decisive battles were fought between the Continental Army under George Washington and the British army, mostly under Charles Cornwallis. Washington badly needed a victory to prove his army's hope of winning and thus boost morale.

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(89 mins) This made-for-television production has many artistic liberties, but the tenor, drama, and costumes are terrific. The film is based on the book "The Crossing" by Howard Fast. Do not take the 'Hollywood' history for a fact. Posted here FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. All Rights Reserved © 2024

Cast and Crew: Jeff Daniels as George Washington, Roger Rees as Hugh Mercer, Sebastien Roche as Capt. John Glover, Steven McCarthy as Alexander Hamilton.  Producer(s) David Coatsworth Cinematography Rene Ohashi Editor(s) Zach Staenberg. Production company(s) Chris/Rose Productions; Columbia TriStar Television; A&E Television Networks

(8:58 mins) Produced by the Friends of Washington Crossing, the short video is a preview of what visitors will see at a reenactment of the famous crossing.

(34:24 minutes) The prelude to the Ten Crucial Days presentation prepared for the Princeton Battlefield Society's 2021 "Experience the Battle of Princeton" with Larry Kidder, author of TEN CRUCIAL DAYS: Washington's Vision for Victory Unfolds

(1:30) Ten Crucial Days with Willie Geist (narrator) - Kean University

(23.31) Excellent narration (with only a few errors), with better than average graphics.

(11:48) Excellent walking tour from Little Wars TV. They visit the right spots on the battlefield. Some who have commented on the video explain some missed points, but worth a watch regardless.

(25:31) Only the last few minutes is about the Ten Crucial Days, but this does a good job with an overview from June 1775 to January 1777

Produced by the Princeton Battlefield Society from their original "Eyewitness to the American Revolution" cards, this video brings to life six of the eyewitnesses to the Battle of Princeton on January 3, 1777. Hear from those who were there:

  • - Sergeant Nathaniel Root
  • - 23rd Continental Regiment
  • - Captain William Leslie - 17th Regiment of Foot
  • - Susannah - enslaved woman of the Clarke family
  • - Captain Joseph Moulder - Philadelphia Associator Artillery
  • - Ann Clarke - Wife of William Clarke
  • - Dr. Benjamin Rush - Continental Army Medical Officer

These eyewitnesses share some of the experiences that you do not get to read in history books. Hear the true stories of the human experience and drama of the Battle of Princeton as the Americans fought to take back New Jersey from the British!

For the 246th Anniversary of the Battle of Princeton, the Sons of the American Revolution invited three members of the British Royal Lancers to explore Revolutionary War era sites in the Philadelphia and Ten Crucial Days area. The Lancers are the descendants of the 16th Light Dragoons who fought at the Battle of Princeton in 1777. Featured in the video are Captain George Cox, Lieutenant David Chadder and Captain Toby Free. The American Battlefield Trust preserves America’s hallowed battlegrounds and educates the public about what happened there and why it matters. We permanently protect these battlefields for future generations as a lasting and tangible memorial to the brave soldiers who fought in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.

(2:48mins)  Pulitzer Prize winning, military historian, Rick Atkinson, on the Battles of Assunpink Creek and Princeton

(1:07:09mins)  Emerging Revolutionary War talk with authors Larry Kidder, David Price, and Mark Maloy, and Roger S. Williams, coFounder of

(13:33mins)  From the Washington Crossing Park Association (NJ) this video was made possible in part by the Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission through funding from the New Jersey Historical Commission and the Mercer County Board of Chosen Freeholders, as well as NJM Insurance Group, The Swan Historical Foundation, and the generous support of several individuals.

(34:18) Produced by NJ Public TV. Nice snippets from renown historians.