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The Ten Crucial Days were ten days at the end of December 1776 and the first week of January 1777, where several decisive battles were fought between the Continental Army under George Washington and the British army, mostly under Charles Cornwallis. Washington badly needed a victory to prove his army's hope of winning and thus boost morale.

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(8:57mins)  2020 Reenactment of the Crossing at Washington Crossing Historic Park

(89 mins) This made for TV production is fraught with many historical liberties, but the tenor, drama, and costumes are terrific. Just be sure you do not take the 'Hollywood' history for fact.  Posted here FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The film is based on the book "The Crossing" by Howard Fast.

CAST: Jeff Daniels George Washington Roger Rees Hugh Mercer Sebastien Roche Capt. John Glover Steven McCarthy Alexander Hamilton

Producer(s) David Coatsworth Cinematography Rene Ohashi Editor(s) Zach Staenberg  

Production company(s) Chris/Rose Productions; Columbia TriStar Television; A&E Television Networks

(2:48mins)  Pulitzer Prize winning, military historian, Rick Atkinson, on the Battles of Assunpink Creek and Princeton

(34:18 mins) "Ten Crucial Days: The Road to Liberty" (2007) Washington's 1776 Battles to save the Revolution by Lion Heart Films

(1:07:09mins)  Emerging Revolutionary War talk with authors Larry Kidder, David Price, and Mark Maloy, and Roger S. Williams, coFounder of