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Read “An American Revolution Diary” and Follow the Ten Crucial Days of 1776-77

December 14, 2019


Ten Crucial Days, An American Diary

You are invited to read “An American Revolution Diary,” an exclusive, new examination of the ten crucial days of 1776-77 on the Princeton Battlefield Society’s website, www.pbs1777.org. The Diary will start on December 14. In the words of leading historians and authors, explore this time in our American history, day-by-day. Our line-up of historians includes:

Prelude: December 14-25, 1776 – David O. Stewart
Day 1: December 25, 1776 – Mark Lender
Day 2: December 26, 1776 – Ron Chernow
Days 3 & 4: December 27-28, 1776 – David Hackett Fischer
Days 5 & 6: December 29-30, 1776 – James Kirby Martin
Days 7 & 8: December 31-January 1, 1776-77 – Larry Kidder
Day 9: January 2, 1777 – David Price
Day 10: January 3, 1777 – Glenn Williams
Postscript: January 3-6, 1777 – Rick Atkinson


It is a refreshing new drama of our American Revolution. Join us as we explore the critical timeframe, December – January 1776-77, known as the ten crucial days of the American Revolution.

We will start our Diary (mid-December to the 25th) as a prelude to George Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night, his victory at first Trenton, his second victory at Assunpink Creek (second Trenton), his stunning overnight march to Princeton and dramatic victory at the historic Battle of Princeton – followed by a postscript for these truly Ten Crucial Days of the American Revolution. We welcome you and look forward to you enjoying our “American Revolutionary Diary.”

The “Diary” will start on December 14 and end after January 6. Each posting will be on the day noted above.