Customized and Private Tours

Experience the Ten Crucial Days with a tour of the Ten Crucial Days Historic Area

Looking for a unique event for your civic group, club, or non-profit? Explore American history on a private tour of the ten crucial days! Pick your date; tell us how much time you want to spend and take a trip back to the American Revolution!

Unless otherwise agreed, the Ten Crucial Days Tour begins and ends at Washington Crossing, PA. The full tour is four and a half to five hours. There are options for two shorter (two-hour) tours. Guests retrace the December 25th, 1776 crossing of the Delaware River through January 3, 1777, American and British military engagements at Trenton, Princeton, and areas in between.  Historical interpreters will tell the remarkable story of these ten days that breathed crucial new life into the expiring American Revolution. The events are discussed in the context of the local, strategically important central New Jersey towns, villages, and farms. These locales were occupied by people of diverse backgrounds; with varying religious practices such as Quaker, Presbyterian, and Anglican; and with complex views on loyalty to the Revolution or the King.  Hear how the terrain, weaponry, and weather influenced the ways the battles were fought and how they disrupted the lives of the local people. See where armies marched, fought, and struggled to survive on an otherwise peaceful landscape, while the course of human history hung in the balance. can assist your group with group tours for all of the revolutionary sites and venues in the Ten Crucial Days Historic Area.  We are a non-profit organization.  All of our interpreters are volunteers. Our consultancy fees are based on an hourly rate. Collected funds are deposited into an account to promote the sites and venues of the Ten Crucial Days Historic Area and educational initiatives of the colonial, revolutionary, and early republic periods.  Your guide will spend the day educating your group and answering your questions. Private tours can be conducted on a date of your choice. Tour groups can be any size.

Tour Time and Cost Options - $175 per hour for the first three guests, add $50 per person for each guest thereafter. Minumum tour, Three (3) hours.

  1. Traversing the Ten Crucial Days Tour = Washington Crossing, Battles of Trenton, Assunpink Creek and Princeton  

  2. Washington on the Delaware = Washington Crossing, Battles of Trenton and Assunpink Creek 

  3. Revolutionary Princeton = The Battle of Princeton, Quaker Meeting House, Morven, Colonial Princeton = 

  4. Military Staff Rides = Subject Matter Experts (SME) can execute a Staff Ride for the Trenton and Princeton campaigns using war-fighting functions. The intent is to enhance further staff ability and understanding of how to implement the tasks/functions of the war-fighting functions to generate combat power as a highly effective and efficient team. The Staff Ride includes manual and role narratives. Time and costs are customized and controlled to accommodate your budget. 

  5. Professional Development/Leadership/Team Building = Team-building tour includes exercises emphasizing leadership principles based on historically based decision-making challenges applicable to a competitive marketplace. For more information, call Roger Williams at 609-389-5657. 

  6. K-12 School Tours - Interpreters will adjust the narrative to age level and curriculum needs. Time and costs are customized and controlled to accommodate your budget.

Transportation. has a personal vehicle that will fit 3 full-size adults. If we use the vehicle, a $20 fuel surcharge will be added. Tour can go in your vehicle with a interpreter driving so the guests can focus on the tour. can make recommendations for transportation companies. Costs will vary depending on size and tour time.  We can carpool with multiple vehicles using walkie-talkies.

Permits for larger groups:

For groups of 30 or more, an NJ DEP Special Use Permit may be required at Washington Crossing State Park and/or Princeton Battlefield State Park.

Disclaimer and Health Statement: will make every reasonable effort to ensure the safety and well-being of its guests. is fully insured but assumes no liability for any injuries sustained on any tour. Guests are expected to wear weather-appropriate clothing and footwear suitable for short walks. The full tour constitutes about .75 miles of walking. Guests are expected to be fully vaccinated and wear masks in accordance with FDC and/or state guidelines. Payments received for reservations are an acknowledgment of this waiver.

Non-profit Status:

All venues and are 501©3 non-profit organizations. Historical Interpreters for are volunteers. Any gratuities will be deposited into an account that is used to support the mission of Thank you.


If you would like to discuss booking your tour, please click on this link to schedule time to discuss with

Roger S. Williams, CoFounder,