Customized and Private Tours

Experience the Ten Crucial Days with a tour of the Ten Crucial Days Historic District

Looking for a unique event for your civic group, club, or non-profit? Explore American history on a private tour of the ten crucial days! Pick your date; tell us how much time you want to spend and take a trip back to the American Revolution!

A  Ten Crucial Days Tour begins and ends at Washington Crossing, PA. Guests retrace the December 25 crossing of the Delaware and the December 26, 1776 through January 3, 1777 American and British military engagements at Trenton, Princeton and areas in-between. Historical interpreters will tell the remarkable story of these ten days that breathed crucial new life into the apparently expiring American Revolution. The events are discussed in the context of the local, strategically important central New Jersey towns, villages, and farms. These locales were occupied by people of diverse backgrounds; with varying religious practices such as Quaker, Presbyterian, and Anglican; and with complex views on loyalty to the Revolution or the King.

Hear how the terrain, weaponry and weather influenced the ways the battles were fought and how the lives of the local people were disrupted by them. See where armies marched, fought and struggled to survive on an otherwise peaceful landscape, while the course of human history hung in the balance.

Your guide will spend the day educating your group and answering your questions. Private tours can be conducted on a date of your choice. Tour groups can be any size.  Groups interested in a private tour, call Roger S. Williams 609-389-5657, or email